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  • Been a busy summer!

    Haven’t posted here in a while. Going to be updating the site with some new things I’ve learned over the summer. Speaking of summer, it’s been a really busy summer for me. Finished school at the end of April and pretty much worked my current part time job all summer.

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  • Made a little Java game

    Been working on a little porject for a bit. Just finsihed the first revision of it today. It’s a wordguess game, basically a hangman clone, that I made with what I learned in java. It’s up on my github if you want to check out the source or download the JAR file and give it a go. Here is the link:

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  • Finally finished school for the summer!

    So I haven’t posted anything in the last couple weeks because I was super busy finishing everything for school. I am now officially free for the summer! Also I can now spend all my time playing Dark Souls 3! I managaed to get all of my final assingemnts finished on time and with a decent amount of effort poured in to each one.

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