My name is Evan and I am a Web Developer. Currently working with a local firm called Code and Mortar. I like building stuff and I am super interested in sorting data. I like to collect data and then try to find meaningful and interesting ways to sort it. I’m a big movie fan and I spend a lot of time watching movies. So much time in fact that I decided to make a review site just to keep track of the movies I watch and how I feel about them. You can check it out at

My other hobbies include looking for great deals on weird cars on autotrader, playing video games (poorly), talking about those video games on a weekly podcast called Hopped Up Gaming East, and finally powerlifting.

My Experience Points


I will now list things of interest in no particular order

  1. Great hair
  2. Powerlifter
  3. Likes 80’s cars
  4. Is about 5’10” on the best of days
  5. Has seen way too many movies and quotes them often
  6. Makes terrible jokes
  7. Doesn’t like top 10 lists