So I haven’t posted anything in the last couple weeks because I was super busy finishing everything for school. I am now officially free for the summer! Also I can now spend all my time playing Dark Souls 3! I managaed to get all of my final assingemnts finished on time and with a decent amount of effort poured in to each one.

I decided it would be best to do all the assingments I didn’t want to do first and leave the ones I would enjoy doing for the end. That way I would put the most effort into the assignments I wasn’t as interested in. This plan only semi worked because I ended up leaving my programming assignment last and unfortunately I had run out of effort points to put in to it, thus I did my worst work on my assignment for my final class. Which I was pretty bummed about. But I’m happy that I am done for the summer. I have a potential workterm set up and I have started planning a big summer project.

I’ll detail these things more as they unfold.