Haven’t posted here in a while. Going to be updating the site with some new things I’ve learned over the summer. Speaking of summer, it’s been a really busy summer for me. Finished school at the end of April and pretty much worked my current part time job all summer.

Managed to record a bunch of Hopped Up Gaming East episodes so make sure to check those out, as well as some really fun video projects like Beer Goggles and a 12 hour livestream where we raised money for charity. I’ll start with Beer Goggles because it’s a really cool project the guys and myself have been working on. It’s a video series where the player picks a game from their past that they may not have played in a while and plays through the whole game with someone spectating. Now it’s best if the spectator has little to no knowledge of the game. While playing the game the player comments on the nostalgia and if it holds up and the spectator watches and comments on what they think of the game. In the end there is a little breakdown of whether the game is actually fun or if it suffers from nostalgia or “Beer Goggles”. You can check out all the Beer Goggles episodes we have recorded so far on our Hopped Up Gaming East Youtube Channel.

The 12 hour livestream was a project we put together when an older member of the podcast came home for a week to visit from England. We decided to live stream games for 12 hours and raise money for charity. The entire event was recorded and chopped up in to sections, which can also be viewed on the Youtube Channel above. We ended up raising a good chunk of money for charity and had a blast doing it!

I’m still powerlifting as well. Switched over to a new routine over the summer to try and shorten the time I spend at the gym. I switched over to the Wendler 531 program and there is a really cool app for your phone that you can use to track progress with. It’s called Wendler Log by Vandersoft and I really recommend it. Very simple to use and it has some cool features like progress graphs and calculated 1 rep maximums. Speaking of 1RM, I squatted one last night! I managed to squat 260lbs for 3 reps and then 285lbs for a 1RM. These are both records for me and I’m really happy about them. I have my very first powerlifting meet on October 22nd and I’m excited to see what I can accomplish after the 2 years of training I’ve done up to this point.

Stay tuned for more updates to the site as well as this blog!